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Northeast Asia, East Asia and Asia

Comments on Donald Emmerson “ASEAN and American engagement in East Asia”, http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2010/04/25/asean-and-american-engagement-in-east-asia/

An important element in the East Asia region is north East Asia including China, Japan and Korea, though it has been dragged by some historical issues.

Once the three nations sort out their issues, they are likely to have much stronger influences in East Asia and Asia.

How long it will take for the three to become a more effective regional body depends on how quickly their leaders and governments will be mature enough to look into and focus on the future of their common interests as opposed to looking back at historical and being unforgiving for the past.

I think both economic and political development over the past two years are likely to promote them being embarking on a new path for much closer cooperation among themselves and then being an effective leader in Asia for Asian affairs.

North East Asia is likely to become the core of a closer and fast Asia integration and that day may come sooner than expected.

Asian integration is likely to be different from both America and Europe. It is likely to be more equal than the America model but with no monetary union as the Euro zone for a long time, given the current Greece fiscal problems.

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