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Rudd's own ego versus nation's interest of better health

Comments on Joe Kelly “Rudd urges premiers to act in national interest on health reform”, 13/04/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/politics/roxon-rules-out-more-health-cash-for-states-to-secure-reform-deal/story-e6frgczf-1225853257234

If Rudd is proposing to use $18.6 billion to buy the States' agreement for his health plan, and if he is working in the interests of the nation's health, surely he should be prepared to consider alternative plans that may better use that money to achieve better outcomes than his own plan, assuming that can be done.

Why should Rudd insist that the money is contingent on the States agreeing to his plan, if that plan is inferior to other plans?

Is Rudd really working in the interest of the nation's health as he has been claiming?

It seems he is working in the interest of his own ego, as opposed to the interest of the nation's health!

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