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Rudd and some media people need to be honest with the public

Comments on Joe Kelly “Rudd questions Victorian premier's claims over health reform”, 15/04/2010, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/politics/rudd-questions-victorian-premiers-claims-over-health-reform/story-e6frgczf-1225853963661

Rudd is not only "not entirely true in his remarks on the Victoria public hospitals, but also completely false in his claim that What Premier Brumby is saying that that is ‘just give us another blank cheque, to the states, and we’ll see you in the morning,’ and that “Well frankly that’s a system that’s operated for a long time. It hasn’t worked. Our approach is quite different, which is the current system is working. We need to fix it.”

How could he be talking nonsense to the public under the day light like that? What the Brumby plan has quite a number of commonalities to Rudd's own plan, such as a clearer funding mechanism and a clearer responsibilities. It is not a perfect plan for sure, nor is Rudd's. But the Brumby plan is superior to Rudd's.

Further, to say that Victoria's public hospitals are not the best in the nation in some areas is hypocritical and misleading. It does not need to be the best in every area, but as long as in totality, it is the best. That is the end of the story, period.
Adam Creswell the health editor of the Australian is clearly confusing the public and mudding the water. His articles are unhelpful and it will be interesting to see what his real motives are.

Let’s, including the media, the PM, and everyone, be honest!

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