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Population size and economic growth

Comments on PAUL SHEEHAN “Less can be more, for people, pensions and government”, 12/04/2010, http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/less-can-be-more-for-people-pensions-and-government-20100411-s0ov.html

While there is no really bearing of population size on per capita economic growth but on gross growth, the natural wealth effects in the Australia context is a significant one and should not be ignored.

Obviously, more population with diminishing natural resources means less per capita natural wealth for future Australians.

In terms of international politics and military strength, population size has an effect, but Australia can't expect to be militarily strong by an population to the size of 36 million in the geographical area of countries with population sizes of over hundreds of millions or billions.

It is a self delusion, or more accurately political popularism or opportunism of any politicians arguing for a big Australia.

They are wrong and are misleading the Australian public to benefit only themselves.

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