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A balanced approach not a particular ideology is needed

Comments on John Daley and Danielle Wood "Fiscal challenges for Australia", 9/07/2015

It is all increase tax or have another new tax or reducing superannuation concessions. Why not reduce government spending? Why not to regard spending as so needy? You say the following on the one hand:
The Commonwealth Government has run deficits for six years, largely due to a rapid increase in net spending on older households. The costs of repaying these deficits will fall primarily on younger households."

Then on the other hand, you say to reduce superannuation concessions, its uttally self contradiction.

Further it is worst behaviour to pit the old against the young, as your statement of the last sentence in the paragraph implies. Isn't it a fact that Australia is among the lowest government debts to GDP ratio and even IMF argues for Australian government to increase spending to stimulate the economy due to our relatively low debt to GDP ratio?

It all seems a particular ideology at working.

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