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Business leaders need to engage with politician more effectively than lecturing them

Comments on Michelle Grattan "Grattan on Friday: Our system is being consumed by the politics of demolition", 17/07/2015

It does not help much or have much an effect for a business leader to lecture the nation's political leaders in the following way (I quote from the article):

"On Thursday BCA president Catherine Livingstone called the politicians out, when she declared that “yesterday marked a low point for political leadership in Australia”.

“Within hours of the treasurer outlining a compelling case for the need for fundamental tax reform and rebalancing of the tax mix, both major parties began ruling out key elements of sensible tax reform, including changes to the GST,” she said.

“Our political representatives are elected and paid by the community to implement policies that will best serve the country. Their leadership responsibility is to ensure that there is a constructive, well-informed debate, leading to implementable outcomes; it is not to undermine the debate in the cause of party political positioning.

“Leadership requires being open and honest with the community about the challenges we are facing. It requires the energy and conviction to take on difficult and complex reform imperatives.

Political leaders are elected so they are accountable for the electorate, not as business leaders they are not necessarily democratically chosen. Business leaders don't have those political capitals gained from the electorate as political leaders have. As a result, business leaders need to find better ways to engage political leaders in an effective manner. Otherwise, it is futile on than part.

No matter whatever the weaknesses the current political system, the mechanism of the political leaders operate in the constant media scrutiny, there is ultimate accountability for the politicians, that is they have to face the electorate in an election.

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