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Australia's twin track diplomacy may work to its favour

Comments on Mark Beeson "Australia’s twin track diplomacy", 5/07/2015

It is not necessarily problematic for Australia to have had twin track diplomacy being friends of both the US and China, at least for the foreseeable time being.

Such a twin track will work well when the relationship between the US and China is manageable and they do not become conflict with each other. This also spells what Australia should aim for for its twin track policy, that is, to work to avoid potential deterioration of the relationship between the two world heavy weights.

Australia as a friend of both and a middle power, can punch above its weights and exert significant influence over both countries. It requires Australia to maintain very close relationships with both of them and be seen as working for the common interests or common goods for all of them. It is not unachievable by Australia but must be a fine balance on the Australia part.

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