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Population aging is not a grey tsunami

Comments on Sri Wening Handayani "Is Asia ready to face a ‘grey tsunami’?" 11/07/2015

It is an interesting and probably timely article. That said, the use of "grey tsunami" is unfortunate, because it is not a very good analogue at all and certainly not funny by any means. The author used quote, probably realised its not that.

I understand the author works at the ADB and its efficient to use PRC. But there can be many readers who may have difficulties to understand what it means, so it may be better to fully spell it out before the its use.

More importantly, the article did not fully explore the "opportunities" that may exist for older people. For example, many people at existing retirement ages can still be engaged in working or even volunteering activities to be an asset of labour force, particularly because that many types of work today may not necessarily hard labour but of office nature that uses more brain. And that trend of more work of office type will continue with increasing speed. By engaging in some of those potential activities, the older people can expand the areas over which to maximise life experience, content, happiness and fullness of their lives.

One if not the key one of the purposes of the article is to prepare for more aging societies, but the author did not seem to have prepared himself enough.

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