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Not only poor old Europe but also miserable Greek PM Tsipras

Comments on Mark Beeson "Poor old Europe", 18/07/2015

There is at least another alternative that is the Grexit, albeit orderly with the support of the rest of the Euro zone members particularly the big ones like Germany and France.

I'd have thought that the Greek PM was preparing for that, but unfortunately he appeared to have only played with fire rather than carefully and seriously leading Greece to a better position to be really independent economically.

I thought he was using brinkmanship to secure a better bargaining for support of the others for an orderly and the best Grexit which would provide it with the flexibility of economic adjustment with its own currency and without cuts to nominal pensions and nominal wages.

What has happened in the last was his complete capitulation at the last negotiation that betrayed his earlier claim made to his people in Greece. It is disgraceful behaviour.

But there is no guarantee that this is the end of the Greece crisis and sooner or later the crisis may resurface again down the track.

Let's wait and see what will happen.

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