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Optimising and leveraging the "one road and one belt" project

Comments on Andrew Elek "China takes the lead on economic integration", 7/7/2015

The so called “one road - one belt" project may rival and is likely to dwarf the post war Marshall Plan of the European Recovery Program.

Given its huge scale and scope, it seems there is a need to develop a high level conceptual framework for accelerating the implementation of the huge “one road – one belt” multinational project, along the line of operation research of linear and non-linear optimisations.

One of the main objectives would be to maximise the sum of the economies with constraints including the existing institutional constraints. Some constraints may be binding and a coordinated approach in relaxing the most important constraints through institutional building will generate significant extra gains. Leading countries involved in the project should take the initiative and work together to seek maximising the gains of the project.

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