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Productivity Commission lost its strategic insight

Comments on Productivity Commission "Superannuation policy for post-retirement", 8/07/2015

I agree with the former Treasurer Mr Peter Costello (who was interviewed by the ABC's 7.30 program that was broadcast yesterday evening) that the public has lost confidence of the superannuation system/policies, given the nature of frequent changes in government policies. In that light the Productivity Commission (PC)'s inputs are not helpful at all.

The Productivity Commission, as its name suggests, should focus on productivity so people work smarter as opposed on force people to work longer and to retire or access their own superannuation more late in their lives.

As a result, the PC has lost its overall strategic insight on good or better policies in Australia.

Has the PC also become simply revenue driven?

Further, the PC may be helpful if it does research on how to improve older Australians' employment in the context of a strong age based discrimination that people over 50 are finding it difficult to find new employment once they are out of employment for one reason or another.

Another point is that even its title is deceptive or misleading when compared to its content and intention. If it is post-retirement, then why do not allow them to access their superannuation after retirement? It is a bit of inhumane, isn't it?

That is regrettable on the PC part.

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