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No need to be arrogant and Europe centric

Comments on Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Daniel Lanting "Europe finds the China connection", 24/07/2015

This post seems completely European centric. It is quite one sided advocate for the European standards and I am not sure that is either the best way for all European countries to work with China or indeed for a better world.

First, are the European standards the best standards with no room to improve? I think those people who hold that view may be too arrogant and out of touch.

Secondly, if it is to work with China in a collaborative way, why should only the European standards need to be followed and why not also consider a compromise between the European standards and the presumably different Chinese or Asian standards?

Given the quite diverse situations among the European countries, the benefits and otherwise of working with China may be quite different. As a result, the member states of Europe are likely to seek more cooperative solutions as opposed to the authors' advocate of a consolidated approach to hold the European standards.

On China's part, it is likely to invest in countries where maximum benefits for both partners can be expected to achieve.

PS, what a title that is quite different from its content.

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