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Long road before Chinese civil society rules

Comments on Carolyn L. Hsu "Draft law may test resilience of Chinese civil society", 3/07/2015

China has undertaken unprecedented economic reforms as well as other reforms from a planned economy to a market economy and so far it has been very successful overall. The nature of reforms at that scale means something may be illegal today but becomes legal and normal tomorrow. Unfortunately there are uncertainties in that process, resulting in some people have become reformist heroes and some become law breakers (leaving aside those who have been deliberately corrupt and sin-minded).

Further, China has been used to ruling by people as opposed to ruling by law, although it seems the Chinese government and leadership are moving towards more ruling by law.

It is true that the Chinese president has been advocating self-confidence and self-proud of the communist party, the Chinese system and Chinese people, with implications for overseas influences. The leaked draft law concerning overseas not-government organisations should be considered in that context.

It is not necessarily all negative. For example, are the French wrong in terms of advocating their culture and creating some barriers for Hollywood products?

Further, if it is true that the Chinese government has made it difficult for the Chinese to register non-government organisations, it should not be too surprising for it to make it difficult for overseas NGAs. The Chinese government is used to having controls over people and that has probably not changed as much as its economic system.

PS as a response to the reply:
The Chinese government and its leadership probably do not wish to see foreign NGOs as a source of the so called colour revolutions that might happen in China. Domestically, they probably do not wish to see another Falungong type of NGO to appear to pose a threat to them. They wish to retain control or have control over NGOs to their advantages as opposed to being a threat to them. But it will be a fine balance act so NGOs can be thriving and have their positive roles in China, I hope.

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