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A strategy of the ALP climate change policy

Comments on Tony Wood "The latest turn in the twisty history of Labor’s climate policies", 18/07/2015

Yes, it seems a revenue neutral framework with an efficient ETS as wide as possible, but with reference to what other major countries will be doing, would be a winning strategy for the ALP to take.

But tactically, there is no need for the ALP to disclose its climate change policy yet, given that the Coalition government will have to announce its policies for post 2020 soon, be fore the Paris international meeting of the year at the latest.

ALP can afford to have a better policy stance when a number of things become clearer, including the government's policy and other countries' targets, policies and strategies.

The leak of whatever it was of the ALP's discussion paper or options was unfortunate for itself. It risks being misrepresented, misused and an unnecessary target for the Coalition government with a very effective attacking leader, that is, the Prime Minister Abbott. It was self indulgent and sabotage.

Abbott's attack, both past and current ones, on the ALP's climate change policies, may scare the ALP (under stress) from developing a good policy. It is important that ALP develop an effective strategy in counter attack, as well as a strategy for its own policy on climate change. A two pronged approach may prove to be effective.

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