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Japan may need some reflections

Further comments on Lionel Babicz "A new chapter for Tokyo–Seoul relations, 50 years on?" 13/07/2015

These comments on responding to the reply from Lionel Babicz.

While I welcome your reply, I do think that it is probably japan that needs a fundamental rethink of its attitudes towards its neighbours including South Korea, for at least two things.

Firstly, it should not exhibit any arrogant attitude towards others, irrespective its economic achievements and its past glories including its militarism past and its colonisation of other countries. Any revisions of Japan's militarism past will always be a very sensitive issue to its neighbours.

Secondly, it should not use a third country to advance its any containing China, particularly as South Korea is concerned. South Korea is unlikely to warm to any such attempt, given its strong and close economic and political ties with China. South Korea's relationship with China will be strong and possibly more important to South Korea than the relationship with Japan. China’s economy is larger than Japan’s and will continue to grow strongly over the next two decades with strong implications for both South Korea and Japan.

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