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No Ms Irvine - it is not why we should pay more GST

Comments on Jessica Irvine "Why you should pay more GST", 20/07/2015

No, you are wrong on taxes, Ms Jessica Irvine. The GST is not the only option left to governments, even though the federal government has unwisely (or wisely I would say) ruled out touching tax breaks on property and superannuation. for example, the states and territories could trade their inefficient taxes such as stamp duties with a new property and/or a land tax or expanded property or land taxes. Both property and land taxes are efficient taxes.

The ACT has already started the increase in rates (essentially a land tax in its guise) and a supposed reduction in stamp duty (although the ACT government is very trick in that it may have quickly increased the rates but has been very slow in reducing stamp duties, so its can have more revenue. In another word, a supposedly revenue neutral is abused by that government to become a revenue raising measure).

So you failed to analyse the whole tax system and come up short with recommendations. Have a look at the ACT case you will understand where your miss is.

Arguably, there are other more efficient raxes beside the GST and property/land taxes.

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