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On the property taxes of John Daley and Brendan Coates

Comments on John Daley and Brendan Coates "Property taxes", 16/07/2015

I have not read the full report and as a result I don't know if the authors have discussed and included the existing effective taxes on properties or not. There are already quite heavy taxes on properties, such as rates, not to mention the increased rates in the ACT which was supposed to replace the stamp duty on property purchases.

It is easy to say you can get so much tax revenue from this and that. It can be very sensational to make dramatic claims for so many billions of revenue could be raised and to grab the media headlines.

Why do the authors are so obsessed with increasing taxes or imposing new taxes? Why don't the author study whether all the governments' spending are appropriate or not in the first place.

There are enough taxes in Australia and we don't need more of them.

I think the authors need to take a cold shower to be intellectually sane. There is enough of this and no need for them to lecture people on this tax and that tax.

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