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Are Chinese authorities scared of the economy and stock market?

Comments on Peter Drysdale "No need for China’s leaders to lose nerve over market", 15/07/2015

Some may also argue that the rapid slowing in the growth of the Chinese economy would have been a major piece of evidence of poor handling of or leadership in the economy on the authorities behalf, even though the phrase of the so called "new normal" was probably the authorities attempt to prepare the public for the slowing.

The problem is that the slowing may have been or still be too much for comfort for the authorities.

Of course, should the over slowing of the Chinese economy and the panic in dealing with the stock market may, in turn, have implications for the pace of reforms. Some in the authorities may be really nervous now, so their confidence in reforms may be affected. In a Chinese saying "惊弓之鸟“ - the birds scared of bows.

Having said that, the piece today titled "China’s challenges drive experiment-driven reforms" from Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng, provides some timely encouragement to Chinese economy observers, particularly overseas ones. And that is reassuring, indeed.

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