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Build on Gonski and improve school funding model

Comments on Glenn C. Savage "Give a Gonski? Funding myths and politicking derail schools debate", 9/07/2015

While the Gonski funding model presents an excellent approach to funding schools in Australia, it may also have some deficiencies, that is, the accountability of individual schools including both school staff and students.

Funding is only one side or part of the school education. If the staff in a school do not put enough efforts, or some students in that school do not study hard enough as others, why should that school get more funding for its poor result?

We should have all the stakeholder work together to achieve the best result. If some do not work or study hard enough, they should bear at least some consequences of their poor behaviour or irresponsibility.

We need to see improvement over time in schools which get more per capita funding than other schools, that is, accountability of both school staff and students.

Does the Gonski funding model address this? I am afraid not.

In summary, we need a more dynamic and close-loop school funding model, perhaps based on the current Gonski.

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