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Northern development should be welcomed and embraced

Comments on Warwick H. Anderson "Northern development plan shows Australia’s fraught vision of our tropics", 3/07/2015

While not a historian, it seems both major political parties wish to develop the north and that should be a good thing for Australia. Why is the plan a fraught version?We should perhaps be prepared to embrace new opportunities that would bring, as opposed to be cynical on any proposals.Developing recklessly is not acceptable, but anti any development is equally unacceptable.

In response to comments by John Cassidy:

Thanks for your comments which is quite informational to me.

While I have not examined China's agricultural exports, I would assume that it is a net importer in many agricultural products, given its huge population and relatively scarce arable land as well as its rapid urbanisation. I certainly heard that China now imports a very large quantity of grains.

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