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Sense and sensitivity

Comments on Lionel Babicz "A new chapter for Tokyo–Seoul relations, 50 years on?" 11/07/2015

Are the following statements correct?

"Furthermore, the deepening American involvement in the Vietnam War was also a key element of this rapprochement. Japan was required to contribute large sums to the South Korean economy, while Seoul agreed to send some three hundred thousand troops to Vietnam, making it the second largest military contingent after the United States."

Did South Korea really send 300,000 troops to Vietnam? That is a huge number.

I am not sure the author's interpretation of the two leaders' separate statements or remarks was correct. To me, the South Korea President's statement is likely to imply a very confident and equal South Korea, a strong message to the audiences of both countries. South Korea now is certainly very different from the South Korea back 50 years ago then.

It seems both audiences would be much more sensitive and attuned to what have been said than the author does, who is a lecture in Japanese history.

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