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Politicians are simply too lazy and irresponsible on taxes and spending

Comments on Kirsten Lawson "ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr supports calls for a higher Medicare levy", 21/07/2015

Why the politicians always talk about to raise more revenue to meet an increasing costs of health and have no mention of having the health costs under control? Further, why don't they examine whether the existing spending on health is used in the most proper and appropriate ways? Are they really well used? Isn't there any way to improve the effectiveness and efficient aspects of health spending to use less and do more?

It seems that many politicians are very lazy and irresponsible to the electorate, given that they only look at spending more and the easy way out by raising taxes.

Furthermore, rather than courageous or intelligent, Mr Baird should be see as coward and silly, given the fact that the states and territories should stand up against the commonwealth for the latter's arbitrary change to funding to the former.

Politicians should not given lazy, easy and tricky ways to raise taxes. It is time for them to be much more accountable, prudent and responsible for spending each and every dollar of taxpayers' monney.

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